Program Evaluation and Audits

Sun Associates specializes in evaluating the impact of educational initiatives and innovations.  Our program evaluation work is designed to help schools, districts, and informal educational settings (e.g., museums) assess their progress in meeting their goals and objectives. In the area of program evaluation for funded projects (i.e., "grants"), we work with projects to focus their goals, define evaluation questions, collect data, and create formative/summative evaluation reports.

Our work centers around an authentic assessment process which combines practice profiling, the development of indicators of success, and the creation of data collection procedures which are to be used to perform a formative progress evaluation. Our clients often choose to combine our work in designing an evaluation procedure with what amounts to an audit of current educational programs. In this way, our formative evaluation process can produce a summative product.

An important element of our work is capacity development. One desired outcome is for clients to develop their ability to scale up projects and initiatives that Sun Associates has been brought in to evaluate. The process is collaborative, authentic, and designed to leave clients with the skills and experience to become even stronger collaborators in the future.

See our webinars, blog, and free resources for more assistance in developing evaluations and audits in your organization.

District Technology Audits

Educational Program Evaluation